It is incredible to me that people can be so careless with other people's belongings in a parking lot.

I'm not going to call out what this person looked like or where it was. We can leave that up to your imagination, as I'm not trying to hurt anybody here. I'm also not trying to find this person and get people against them. However, watching them shut their trunk after they were done loading their car with their new belongings and then just pushing their cart into the middle of the parking lot freely is something I can't just forget.

I want to raise awareness of how much damage something as "little" as not returning your cart on a windy night can be to somebody's vehicle.

So this message is to you, if you happen to be out there reading this. If this reaches you, that's good enough. After you let your cart roll free into the lot instead of returning it safely so that it couldn't hit anybody else's car, it did. You didn't see it smash into the vehicle three spots down from you after you carelessly drove away.

It angered me. I went to check on the car when you drove away. Luckily no damage was done, but it's the deed that really irks me. It doesn't take more than two minutes to just walk your shopping cart back into its rightful spot, and it can avoid tons of mistakes. It was super windy that night, and from personal experience, that encounter could have been a lot worse. I suppose you're lucky it wasn't.

I'm only writing this to spread more awareness of how a simple extra step in a parking lot can eliminate situations that could become potentially dangerous. Just take the damn cart back. This might sound dramatic, but I swear when you break it down, floating carts can become a bigger liability than you realize pretty quick. All I'm saying is don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you!

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