New England Winter Storms

The last week of weather in New England has been an interesting one. Granted, it's truly been stereotypical New England weather -- a foot of snow one day, sunny the next, 50-degrees with high winds and a mix of snow and rain causing flooding the day after, and follow the same pattern throughout the week.

All week long, there have been pictures and videos of patios flooding out at New England homes, sheds literally be swept away by water, and residents canoeing down flooded out streets.

Naturally, especially in areas like the video above taken in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, where streets were fully flooded out, some businesses felt the impact of Mother Nature just being in a really angry mood.

In fact, not only were some businesses inaccessible due to flooded out streets, but in the (usual) case of businesses like the Bratskellar/Dinnerhorn on Route 1 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, some were even almost completely underwater from all of the flooding caused by the weather over the week and weekend.

And while they weren't necessarily underwater, a police department building suffered some damage, but it could've resulted in a major tragedy.

Salem NH Police Department via Facebook
Salem NH Police Department via Facebook

Salem Police Department

Located on Veterans Memorial Parkway in Salem, New Hampshire, pretty much forever, the Salem Police Department building has been a hot topic for a long while now. For countless decades, other than the occasional repair here and there, the building has remained the same with very little to absolutely zero improvements.

The poor condition of the building is not only constantly talked about throughout the town, but also occasionally referenced and shown on the official Facebook page for the Salem PD.

This was highlighted once again during one of the high-wind, pouring rain storms that just hit New England, causing water to leak through the roof of the building, into the ceiling, and ultimately destroying it.

Thankfully, a major tragedy was avoided since, as shown in the above video, that leak happened right above the station's I.T. equipment, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that water plus electricity and wiring could equal disaster.

A project to construct a brand new police station for Salem PD has been proposed and is going through all the legal processes to achieve full approval and being ground breaking.

Pictures of Flooded Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Massive flooding happened and the water receded so slowly.

Gallery Credit: Lori Voornas

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