Maine is known for a lot of things, among them is unique restaurants and lots of them. This hidden gem nestled in the heart of Ellsworth on Main St. might be worth the trip from wherever you are right now. The bar itself is an actual 1930s train dining car and it’s located inside the pub.

About 30 minutes northwest of Bar Harbor, locals and visitors have been coming back to Finn’s Irish Pub since they opened their doors back in 2012 for their mouth-watering traditional Irish dishes like the shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash and corned beef Reuben. Finn’s is a charming establishment that offers an authentic taste of Ireland without ever leaving the state. They are also known for their large selection of Irish whiskeys and draught beers, which pair perfectly with their hearty meals. 

Walking into Finn’s, guests are greeted by the aroma of comfort food and depending on the day, even the sound of live Irish music. That, along with the Irish memorabilia and decorations is sure to set the perfect Irish dining experience to unwind and enjoy a nice meal or a few beverages. 

The bar itself you will likely notice it’s not just a typical bar. Around the mid-1880s, dining cars became a normal part of long-distance trains. One of those is a 1932 Jerry O’Mahoney dining car, one of the few originals that remain, and it serves as the actual bar at Finn’s. Atlas Obscura explains the history of the bar's main attraction and captures the atmosphere with some great pictures here. 

In addition to their extensive menu, Irish memorabilia and dining car bar, they also often host live entertainment from traditional Irish music to local bands allowing guests the true sounds of Ireland. 

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