Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with our current climate problem here in the US progressively getting worse. But it's pretty hard to fight the science with natural disasters and record-breaking temperatures increasing by the day.

Earth day is coming up on April 22, and WalletHub has come up with a list of the top greenest states in the country. Their data used was based on green buildings per capita to the share of energy consumption from renewable sources.

WalletHub also stated that the US had 28 weather and climate disasters totaling almost $1 billion or more in damages, totaling almost $93 billion. They also said that although some of these are climate-related events, others are as a result of human activity.

With numerous Maine Environmental Organizations combined with a large number of eco-conscious residents and businesses, it wasn't surprising to see that Maine ranked as the #8 Greenest State in the US. If you live here, you likely participate in ways such as recycling or renewable energy, or have at least seen the efforts put forth by residents and businesses.

According to WalletHub, Maine ranks #1 in the country with water quality and renewable energy consumption, as well as #7 for air quality.

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California came out on top of their list at the Greenest State in the nation, with our New England neighbors in Vermont coming in right behind them at #2. The least green state? Well, that undesirable award goes to West Virginia. You can see how green (or not so green) the rest of the country is below.

Source: WalletHub

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