An iconic old school fry shack in Old Orchard Beach is getting some serious national praise.

The popular website LoveFood recently posted an article about the best places in America to get one of America's favorite snacks, the golden, salty, oily, and delicious french fry.

On this prestigious list of golden goodies is one of Maine's favorite spots for sparkling spuds, Pier French Fries. The seasonal stand has been serving up their legendary crinkle-cut beach fries since 1932.

Pier French Fries via Facebook
Pier French Fries via Facebook

What makes them so special? Well, everything. It starts with a high-quality New England potato. Those puppies are then crinkle-cut, which is easily the best type of a fry. They are fried to perfection, with just the right amount of salt. Then you grab ketchup and vinegar and go to town.

And make sure you get your own box, because you will not want to share them.

Here is a little of what Love Food had to say about Maine's favorite french fry.

The stand is always busy, and for good reason – you’re guaranteed fresh, hot, and crispy fries, every time. The stand is such an institution, no visit to Old Orchard Beach is complete without a box of fries from the Pier.

And you can always get them in a poutine style, which is perfect for a lot of those tourists from north of the border, and for the rest of us who love fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.

Pier French Fries via Facebook
Pier French Fries via Facebook

Pier French Fries is seasonal and typically opens for the year in early April. It won't just be for fries, though. They also run the legendary Bill's Pizza. Pier French Fries bought Bill's in 2022 to ensure the pizza joint sill continue to satisfy the masses of beach bums who will hit OOB this year. Pizza, fries, and the beach? Yes, please.

Boy, April can't get here soon enough.

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