The job market is still very strong in Maine, especially in its biggest city. That's at least according to a new employment opportunity report., a personal finance website, recently published its latest list of best cities in America to find a new job.

Portland is ranked as the 12th best city to find a job. This is tremendous news for the city, considering 182 cities were included in the study.

Portland's technical score was 61.83. The scoring was based on a 100-point system and based on two major categories: job market and socioeconomics. These categories were broken down into 31 subcategories to make it as detailed as possible. You can read more about the methodology here.

Portland was ranked 17th overall in the job market category. This included sub-categories like job opportunities, job security, job satisfaction, and access to benefits. It's a great ranking for Portland, and truly shows the number of quality opportunities the town has.

Portland did even better in the socio-economic category, finishing with a ranking of 10th. The sub-categories included topics like median household income, commute time, and safety. Again, it's not too surprising to see Portland do well in this category, especially since Maine is always high in the ranks of best places to live in the country.

While these rankings are superb, it also illustrates the struggle that business owners have had in Portland to fill positions. Just about every block in town has "Help Wanted" signs littered across store and office fronts. It truly is an employee market.

Portland is not the only city in Maine listed. Lewiston is also included in the study. The Androscoggin County city came in with a very strong ranking of 36. This is great to see for an area that continues to revitalize.

The highest ranked New England city is also the region's largest, Boston. It just beat Portland by a few spots, with a ranking of 10th.That was followed by South Burlington, Vermont, at 11.

The lowest ranked New England city was Bridgeport, Connecticut, which surprised nobody. It finished with a ranking of 173, nearly dead last. You can see the entire list here.

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