This is a bummer.  After 33 years, the Portsmouth Brewery is permanently closed.

Portsmouth Brewery Owners Peter Egelston & Joanne Francis/phone credit: Laura Cleminson, 5/14/24
Peter Egelston & Joanne Francis/phone credit: Laura Cleminson, 5/14/24

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in Summer 2023

Last summer, you might remember that the Portsmouth Brewery had a devastating flood which damaged the restaurant so badly that the owners, Peter Egelston and Joanne Francis, had to it strip down to its bones.  Although there was talk of re-opening as recently as March, in the end, it wasn't meant to be.  According to a press release, Peter and Joanne have made the decision not to re-open. Instead, they're selling the building.

Peter stated that it simply came down to a numbers game.  The insurance company would only pay so much, and the building needed much more love and attention (a.k.a money) to improve what had been lost.  The building was built in 1830, after all.  There were renovations in 1999, but after the flood, it was just too much.

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Peter and Joanne said that there's no reason why the Brewery couldn't come back if someone wanted to buy it and bring it back to downtown Portsmouth. They are just not in the stage of their lives to do it.

People all over the country have so many fond memories of that place.  I can't tell you how many times I've been over the 33 years.  The Brewery was actually my first hangout when I moved to the Seacoast in the spring of 1998.

Sometimes, friends and I went in for a delicious burger and a beer.  Actually, the Portsmouth Brewery was the ONLY place that I would actually order a beer.  Do you remember the beer that helped with menopause symptoms, Libeeration Ale?  Yeah, I ordered more than one of those.

The only time I got arrested was at the Portsmouth Brewery.  It was one of those charity events where they set up a fake jail, and I had to beg my friends to donate "bail money" to get me out.  I was there all day.

Finally, I have to say that Peter, Joanne, and their staff over the years have been wonderful.  I wish them the best of luck in their next chapter of their lives, and I hope the building is purchased by someone who will bring back the menopause beer.  That's all I want.

What are your memories of the Portsmouth Brewery?

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