It's officially winter here in the great state of Maine.

This means two major things: its ski season and comfort food season. Though, isn't it always comfort food season?

It's rather difficult for it not to be, especially if you live in Portland or in its vicinity. The food scene easily lures you right in, and doesn't spit you out until you have done a proper amount of indulging.

But winter does always seem to elevate the comfort food desire. I'm sure it's the bone-chilling cold and foul weather that truly motivates the soul to want to be warmed up by high caloric and carb deliciousness.

This leads us right into today's subject, comfort food. One of the world's most popular comfort foods is the subject of a brand-new article from the popular foodies over at LoveFood. The site selected the best bowl of pasta in every state. And they did not miss with their choice for the Pine Tree State. Maine's selection for best was the lobster diavolo at Portland's legendary Street and Co.

Street and Co via Instagram
Street and Co via Instagram

Believe me when I say this dish is a perfect choice. It encapsulates everything that is Maine. A fresh bowl of locally-caught seafood with perfectly cooked pasta. What else warms the soul like that?

Street and Co's iconic dish starts with a heaping portion of seafood stew. That includes mussels, calamari, clams, and all kinds of other treats. That gets combined with a heaping portion of lobster and linguini. Oh, and it's finished with more butter and garlic than you could ever imagine. This is a meal fit for a king, or anyone who enjoys delicious food. Good luck trying to find a pasta dish in this state that rivals this monster.

These are wonderful accolades for Street and Co., a cozy little restaurant found in Portland's Old Port. The Mediterranean-inspired seafood joint has been a hit with locals and tourists since opening back in 1989. In fact, it's part of one of the most successful restaurant groups in Portland that also includes Scales, Standard Baking, and the iconic Fore Street. That is like the 1927 Yankees of restaurant lineups.

Check out Street and Co's website to find out more info. You can also see LoveFood's "Best Pasta Dish" list here.

And now I could really use a bowl of pasta.

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