Once again, New England native and Aerosmith lead singer, Steven Tyler, went back out in the community and took time to surprise first responders.

It is not new for Steven Tyler to surprise people and spread joy in New England, especially in Massachusetts.

Back in June 2022, after entering a rehab program, Steven Tyler gave New Englanders hope that he was doing better. Tyler made his first appearance after entering the program at an oyster farm and restaurant in Duxbury, MA, called Island Creek Oysters.

While at Island Creek Oysters, Tyler toured the oyster farm, ate oysters and caviar, and stopped to take a bunch of photos with both workers and other guests.

The next day, June 30, 2022, Tyler made an appearance at the Marshfield Police Department. The Marshfield Police Department posted a picture meeting Tyler, who was sitting behind one of the officer's desks, in a comedic Facebook post stating "The circle of life … we all want to be pro athletes, pro athletes want to be movie stars, movie stars want to be Rock Stars and Rock Stars want to be cops….. well…..”DREAM ON”……..Mr. Tyler….. that desk you’re at is taken!"

Of course, it is probably safe to say that Tyler was not planning on taking over and becoming a police officer.

However, visiting the Marshfield Police Department would not be the last time that Steven Tyler would visit first responders.

According to Boston 25 News, Tyler went in and visited Plymouth County Control on Thursday, January 26th.

Plymouth County Control shared a photo of the Aerosmith singer who posed for a photo with workers.

Was his visit planned? Well, that is uncertain, however, it came at the right time. Plymouth County Control shared that Steven Tyler's visit came just days after the tragic passing of two children in Duxbury, MA.

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