Oh, college. *sigh* The time in one's life when you can survive solely on coffee, pizza, and mixed drinks and still feel like a million bucks. I look back on my college years fondly, and can't help but wonder how many late night slices of 'za I ingested over the course of those four years. The number is too many.

The University of Arkansas is doing something revolutionary, and I can see it thriving on college campuses in New England as well.

The university partnered with Nestle to launch a DiGiorno pizza kiosk on campus. It's basically a vending machine that serves hot pizza whenever the students want it! It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno!

University of Arkansas via Facebook
University of Arkansas via Facebook

According to foodbeast.com, the kiosk is conveniently located outside their dining hall.  Students may choose between classic pepperoni and cheese varieties served in 10-inch thin-crust pies for only $11 per pizza. It only takes seven minutes for the pizzas to cook, then they are delivered piping hot in a convenient take-out box. Each pizza even comes with a complimentary pizza cutter.

Students can bring the pizza to a party to chow down, or use it as fuel for their late night study sessions at the library. Whatever they want!

A college campus is the absolute perfect place for something like this. When it comes to food, college students are looking for quick, tasty, cost effective options, and this certainly checks all of those boxes.

Do you think the DiGiorno pizza kiosk would be popular at the University of New Hampshire? Where on campus should it be located? I picture it outside the Whit, but that's just me.

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