The salamanders need our help! If your salamander knowledge is a tad limited, this is the time of year that they really shine, and by "shine" I mean "breed".  As the earth thaws and New Hampshire is drenched by spring rains, thousands of salamanders, frogs, and toads make their way to vernal pools to breed. Here's the sad part: many do not complete their journey when crossing busy roads. This is where the Salamander Crossing Brigades come in!

Each spring, this organization trains volunteers to serve at amphibian road crossings throughout the Monadnock Region. These heroic community scientists count migrating amphibians, and safely usher the animals across roads during one or more “Big Nights.”

Did you know 41% of all amphibian species worldwide are threatened with extinction (60% for salamanders)?

It is also in our best interest to help these critters across the road, because salamander larvae eat mosquito larvae. So saving the salamanders will help us enjoy mosquito-free summer nights!

Since 2007, the Salamander Crossing Brigades have moved more than 75,000 amphibians out of harm’s way!

It might be a little late in the season for you to join the brigade, but there is always next spring.

This is what the Community Science with the Harris Center for Conservation Education  posted on their Facebook yesterday, predicting what might be the last "Big Night" of the season.

Community Science with the Harris Center for Conservation Education via Facebook
Community Science with the Harris Center for Conservation Education via Facebook

The caption read, "SALAMANDER FORECAST on MAY 5"

"Tonight's weather looks great for amphibians! The only reason we haven’t marked it as “green” is that salamander season may have already come to a close at some sites. Although it’s unlikely that we’ll have another truly Big Night this spring, some migration is possible tonight, especially in places where the season got off to a later start."

Are you interested in learning more and potentially joining this salamander saving movement? Shoot a DM to Harris Center for Conservation Education on Instagram!

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