A few weeks ago, major news was released: Happy Gilmore 2 is happening.

According to a People article, Adam Sandler broke the news to one of his costars in a cheeky way.

Instead of calling Christopher McDonald, who plays Shooter McGavin, Adam Sandler simply tossed a draft of Happy Gilmore 2 to him.

"How about that?", Sandler said as he tossed McDonald the Happy Gilmore 2 draft. No official announcement, no meeting with PR firms. Just classic Adam Sandler.

We are not sure what to expect in Happy Gilmore 2. Not much has been said, other than Sandler has written the script.

One thing we MIGHT be able to expect is a major "celebrity" (athlete) acting in the film. You may not know him by name, but Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport...

And the PGA has announced that Woods is rumored to take part in the comedy/sport movie.

Chubbs, played by Carl Weathers, passed away on February 1, 2024.

I'm not sure if his passing was a motivation for Sandler to write the sequel. However, with Weathers playing such a big role in the original film (as Happy Gilmore's coach), someone would have to take on the role.

Or at least a similar role.

Who better than Tiger Woods, the winner of 15 majors and 82 PGA events?

The rumor is that Woods will play Chubbs' son, likely Happy's coach in the second movie.

Again, little information is confirmed, and most of this is rumored. But it came directly from the official PGA Instagram...

Please let this happen. Tiger Woods interacting with Adam Sandler on a golf course is the content we need.

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