Scams are getting pretty creative, and some are tough to spot these days. Most of us have been scammed in one way or another, and when it happens, it's such an invasion of privacy. It almost feels like someone is lurking around your house watching your every move!

I hate how scam artists prey on older people because they are less technologically-savvy. It feels so unfair! At our company, we are taught through various training modules on how to identify scams or phishing attempts. But many of our parents and grandparents don't have that luxury.

My dad fell for a pretty elaborate one the other day. The post office sent him a text saying there was a package that was undeliverable and he needed to pick it up at the post office. He was actually expecting a package that day, so this didn't seem too peculiar. There were a bunch of prompts to confirm his identity, and I'm sure you can guess how this story ends. It didn't end up being the post office. It was a scam artist trying to get my dad's banking information. Luckily, his bank pinged him before any real damage was done.

People get scammed out of millions of dollars every single year. It is important to be aware of the scams that are prevalent in your state.

According to, here are the top 10 scams to look out for in New Hampshire.

Top 10 Scams That Duped New Hampshire People Out of Millions

Scammers are getting awfully crafty these days. It can be difficult to identify a scam even if you consider yourself technologically savvy. Here are the most popular scams that New Hampshire residents have fallen victim to according to

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