Are you Canada curious? By that I mean would you be interested in living in or close to Canada, but don't want to go through the hassle of becoming a resident of another country? We have a solution for you! A home is currently listed on Zillow that could not be closer to the Canadian border. Seriously, you can see it from the house.


337 Nelson Rd in Norton, Vermont, is very fairly priced at $259,900, for over 3,000 square feet. It sits on its own 3.5 acres and has 4 bedrooms, two baths, and plenty of room for a couple or family with multiple children (a couple currently lives there). Appealing features of this home include a cozy wood stove, year-round porch, mountain views, a two-car garage with storage above, a covered balcony, and so much more.

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

This Vermont House Is Just a Skip Away from Canada

Are you interested in staying a U.S citizen but reaping all of the benefits that Canada has to offer like nice people, poutine, and universal healthcare? Look no further than this home for sale at 337 Nelson Rd in Norton VT. You could not get closer to the Canada border if you tried!

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If you do purchase this house, just be prepared for all the Canadian jokes that come with it:

  • The only thing that comes in on TV is hockey. Canadian Football, too, but no one watches it.
  • If you buy this house, you get a gallon of maple syrup at closing.
  • Your neighbors on the other side of those barricades might only speak French, but they are guaranteed to be nice.
  • Your four seasons will be almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.

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