I know all too well what it's like to hear the words, "You have cancer."

At first, you can't comprehend the idea, but then it sinks in.  Doctors are talking to you about protocols, friends and family are shocked and want to help, but you just want to scream.

In a world of swirling emotions and uncertainty, you know you are on a different journey now, but not sure of its direction.  This is about the time Tough Warrior Princesses steps in.

They don’t have crowns in the literal sense, but they do have gems of wisdom to share. They don’t have spears, but they do have that fearless warrior spirit.

Ask any woman with cancer what keeps them going, and the answer will be a mental and spiritual toughness to beat the beast.  Again, this is where Tough Warrior Princesses helps give hope.

Tough Warrior Princesses via Facebook
Tough Warrior Princesses via Facebook

Tough Warrior Princesses is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization serving Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts, and committed to uplifting the lives of women facing a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s how they operate.  When the non-profit hears about a woman newly diagnosed with cancer, or facing a cancer recurrence, they work with the family to deliver a “Warrior Basket”.

Warrior Baskets include a gas card to help with trips to the doctor or treatments, CVS gift card, Ulta Gift Card,  Market Basket Gift Card, cozy socks, lotion, inspirational cup or mug, soy candle, lozenges, note cards, puzzle books, journal, Kind bars or other healthy snack, scarf, head wrap, hat, adult coloring books with marker, and a hand- painted Hope Rock.  Items vary, but are mostly these types of items.

These baskets are a blessing and surprise to the recipient.

Tough Warrior Princesses via Facebook
Tough Warrior Princesses via Facebook

The group is based out of Amesbury, Massachusetts, and has 10 directors and “an army of volunteers”, according to toughwarriorprincess.com.

If there’s a woman in your life who’s just been diagnosed with cancer (or has a recurring cancer) and needs to feel the love and support, reach out to Tough Warrior Princesses through Facebook or their website.

What I love most about this group is that it’s women supporting women, not dragging them down.

When you receive a diagnosis like cancer, the shock alone will send you spinning. But knowing this group has your back with not only baskets, but Warrior Chats and Warrior Yoga, book recommendations, and guest speakers, gives a sense of hope in a world of cancer chaos.

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