"This is Camp Winnipesaukee, not Camp I-Wanna-Singy!."

Pretty good stuff here from Jimmy Fallon and his BFF Justin Timberlake. There is no reference to any specific camp, or anything else in New Hampshire so I am curious how they came to use Lake Winnipesaukee in the sketch.

Fallon is from New York, and Timberlake is from Tennesee so I don't think either of them have set foot in a Winnipesaukee camp.

UPDATE: Fallon and his wife love to vacation every summer at Lake Winnipesaukee. They even got engaged there AND named their first daughter Winnie after the lake.

I never experienced the camp life as a child growing up in the New Hampshire summers. I know there are plenty of good ones around; most of my friends all attended them.

I was a product of the North Hampton Recreation Dept.'s summer activities. Dodgeball, Softball, Capture the Flag, and tons of soda.

Did you attend a camp in NH? Which one?

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