I know some people don't agree, but I think it's really cool that we live in a part of the country that famous people want to come visit. Martha Stewart ordering a lobster roll at my favorite seafood restaurant in Maine? EXCITING! Seth Rogen crushing beers at my favorite New Hampshire brewery? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! Now, we can add another celeb to the list of famous people who have visited Northern New England this year; ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for JIMMY FALLON!

Jimmy was spotted galivanting all around our fine state! He dined at Flatbread Co. with the fam in North Conway and then they hit up Storyland (where fantasy lives) in Glen.

It is no secret that Jimmy Fallon is a big fan of New Hampshire. His wife’ Nancy has been vacationing on Lake Winnipesaukee since she was a wee one. Her parents have a house there! Jimmy knew that the Lakes Region held such a special place in Nancy's heart so that is where he asked for her hand in marriage. They named their daughter Winni after, your guessed it, Lake Winnipesaukee! And of course we've all seen the epic comedy sketch with Jimmy and JT where they play two little dudes at summer camp in New Hampshire. (it's the braces for me)

Many folks commented on Storyland's photo on Facebook and suggested that the next time Jimbo is in the Granite State he should check out Santa's Village right down the road from Storyland. Not a bad idea, I'm sure he would LOVE it!

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