This Saturday, 9/7/19, Calef's Country Store in Barrington will celebrate is 150th anniversary.  The Shark will be there broadcasting live at the beginning of the celebration starting at 10am.

Many people know Joel Sherburne from Calef's as the Cheese cutting guy, but he has done every job there is to do at the store.  He starting out stocking the shelves, then to grocery bagging, then to cheese cutting.  Joel used to go through about 7 or 8 wheels of cheese on just one Sunday afternoon.  A chunk, a slice, a piece would be the instructions he's get from the customers, so he eventually had to make a chart that said if you're looking for a chunk, it's a pound and a half, etc.

Cale's is a tourist attraction.  People in buses arrive all the time and are surprised at how many things are "the way they used to be."  The story, according to YouTube, was started in 1869, just after the Civic War by Mary Calef.

If you're going on Saturday, make sure you say hello to Joel!  He is an institution!!

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