Everyone who has spent some time in New Hampshire knows these people.  They are all vastly different.

You have Vermin Supreme, for instance, who has a history of shaking up our democracy, all while wearing a boot on his head.  Al Kaprilian who gave the weather forecast with the flair of a Broadway star.  Dean Kamen, the inventor who works with very, very rich and influential people to potentially save the world.  Fritz Wetherbee tells us a story each night on TV and then there's Joel of Calef's Country Store - master Cutter of the Cheese.

I've lived here in New Hampshire my entire life, except for about 3 years that I live in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  I loved it there, but NH is my home.  I am not surprised at all at the number of people who are attracted to the Granite State.  We have so much to offer!  The beauty of the landscape is a given, but then there's the people!

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