Who needs super-heroes when you have a real life one right here in NH.  Dean Kamen is the stuff of Marvel Comics -  all in denim, more popularly known as "the Segway Guy," but he's so much more than that.

DEKA, based in the Manchester Millyard, is Dean Kamen's company who is fighting COVID-19 on several life-saving levels and here are just a few:

1.  Dean Kamen called his employees in China who found a company there that could make a million medical masks and other supplies that the medical community desperately needs.  Then Dean called his friend, Fred Smith, yes, that Fred Smith who founded FedEx and told him that he needed the packages delivered really fast.  Dean said, according to the report, that this won't be the last shipment.

2.  Another one of his inventions, the Slingshot Water Purifier, takes any water, no matter what the condition, and turns it in to good, clean water.  Kamen has been talking with federal Department of Health and Human Services officials about using one of his inventions, a water purifier called the Slingshot, to deliver sterile water critical for making IV solution, which could soon be in short supply.

3.  DEKA engineers are also working on new material for medical masks that KILLS the virus and doesn't just block it.

Amazing people right here in New England.


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