The triumphant return of A-Train's Jackpot Corner! This Playboy themed 'Sunset Sapphires' game has an extremely exciting bonus round and I hit it this weekend!

Train Images
Train Images

Ninety Three Dollars AND Eighty Four cents!

I never film my slot play because most casinos won't allow it, HOWEVER there is footage above from YouTuber 'Random $$ Slots' that's a nice video of the Bonus Round that netted me a good sized sum of cash early Saturday morning.

On two occasions, I received a 'Mystery Quick Hit' which would spin a wheel and award me a higher number of VERY valuable quick hits.

While wagering One Dollar the payouts received broke down like this.

7 Quick Hits = $25

8 Quick Hits = $50

I was so excited for this trip, that I awoke before 5AM and arrived at Oxford sometime before 7:30AM. I'm now convinced that if I get there early EVERY time, I'm BOUND to hit massive JACKPOTS every time too!

I wonder how this strategy will work for me!

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