The Dover prom is tomorrow night.  It's one of the most stressful nights for a teenager. I know because I went to my Prom as a wee girl.  Everything about it was stressful. First you worry about who you will go with, will you like them, are they the "cool kid," if they aren't should you go with them anyway? All these questions just about who you're going with! THEN, if you say yes, you have to go get a dress!!

My Mom and I went to the Marry & Tux shop in Nashua, NH, and we found, what I thought at the time, was the most beautiful dress EVAH! Describing it today kinda makes me cringe, but here we go: It was lilac, full-length, with HOOPS IN THE SKIRT! Everyone had hoops. It had poofy sleeves with a flower on each arm. Yup... it was THAT dress, and I loved it. Did I mention it was strapless too? Well, it was and herein lies one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

There I was - my date off to the side with his friends and me and my girls on the dance-floor cutting a rug to Prince, "I would die 4 U" and it happened. The top of my dress FELL DOWN and exposed what I had on underneath, which was nothing. I was one of those girls who could get away with not wearing a bra. (Actually, I've grown up in to an adult who can get away with no bra, but that's a sad, sad story for another day!)

Many counseling sessions later and I'm better and ALWAYS wear a bra. TMI for the new girl? :)

Have a great weekend!


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