Evelyn Cormier, of Claremont, NH appeared last night on American Idol and Katy Perry fell in love with her voice.  Katy said, "Literally, one of my favorite voices I've ever heard in my life."   In case you missed it, here's the clip:

It wasn't Evelyn's first time on television.  According to an report from In Touch Weekly, she appeared on TLC's hit TV Show, 90 day fiance.  She married David, from Spain and they have been married for about a year now.  The In Touch report quotes Evelyn as saying:

When we met, I just felt a connection and he did too obviously — but the biggest issue was he was from Spain......(we) did long distance for a while and then he was finally able to come to the United States. Married life is good. People were not lying though when they said that it would be hard, the first year. You’re merging two different lives, especially now two cultures.

We wish her the best of luck on American Idol and we will be following her road to becoming the next American Idol!  Way to go, Evelyn!

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