If you want to do something easy and nice for someone this Christmas season, consider this.

According to mynbc5.com, Joyce Coley has been at the Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont for over a month after she broke her shoulder and femur.  On a normal year, Joyce would be busy writing over 100 Christmas cards that she sends out every year, but this year, she is just unable to do so because of her injury.

In the report, her daughter, Becky DeLong, says:

If you can put a card in the mail to her she'd be delightful knowing you or not knowing you. It would mean a lot

She has already received a few of them and it has made her very happy.

What a small gesture for such a big payoff.  If you have a moment and you're so inclined, please send a card to:

Valley Regional Hospital

Attention Joyce Coley

243 Elm Street

Claremont, NH  03743


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