According to a story in the Union Leader, last July, there were 52 dogs taken out of a home in Keene owned by John Riggieri.  The Monadnock Humane Society has cared for the dogs ever since, at great expense to them.  At the time the dogs were removed, Riggieri’s home was filthy with layers and layers of dog poop, urine and dirt covering the floors of the home.

The Monadnock Humane Society has since found foster homes for most of the dogs, but they can't be adopted until the case against Riggieri is settled.  He is expected to seek to retain ownership of the dogs.  The report states that the law allows the State to seek a bond of up to $2,000 per animal in abuse cases, one dog was lost, another had to be euthanized, therefore, Riggieri has to post $100,000 bond.

Sigh.  LORD, I try not to be judgmental, but this guy should NOT have ownership of these dogs.  A friend of mine lives not far from where his lives and told me that the dogs were NOT properly cared for.  I understand that he may/may not be attached to the dogs, but if you can't take care of them properly, you shouldn't have them.  Much like kids, but that's a conversation for another day.



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