There is a new bear in town that Police Chief Kevin Walsh has nicknamed “Bob,” according to  Rye residents and those in surrounding areas know the drill.  It’s time to take down the bird feeders and lock up the trash cans.  I did not know until I moved to New Hampshire that they actually make bear-proof trash cans.  Bears at this time of year are trying to fatten up for winter, not unlike what I am doing.  My wife is complaining about my constant snacking.


One source of food that bears are attracted to that I hadn’t thought of is the grease from our grills.  It might be time to clean up the grill, so it doesn’t attract a hungry bear.  According to, Rye police had received reports of the bear sighting on lower Wallis Road and Clark Road early Saturday morning.  New Hampshire Fish and Game received reports of the sighting from Rye police and N.H. Fish and Game Sgt. Jeremy Hawkes said “It’s a wild animal and we do not make any attempts to relocate it unless it becomes necessary.  If it started breaking into houses or otherwise being a nuisance, we might need to intervene,” according to

If “Bob” the bear doesn’t find any easy food sources, chances are he/she will just move on to other areas in its quest for food.  Whatever you do, do not feed the bear.  They are adorable but we want them to move on.  It’s all fun and games until you run out of food and the bear goes after you.  If you do stumble upon a bear in your yard, bang some pots and pans together and make loud clapping noises.  Bears are mostly shy until they are not.  I personally am staying in my third-floor apartment and have no thoughts of chasing a bear away from any yard.  Can bears climb up three floors?  I should look into that.



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