Hey let's face it, after days of eating FUN SIZE candy bars, we all can use a delicious and healthy meatball recipe. And if it's from Kingston, so it's just got to be ROYALLY good!

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Full Disclosure: This recipe is from Hannah, one of my trainers at FBT Kingston. She will most likely read that I have consumed vast quantities of FUN SIZED candy bars and therefore kick my rear end (in a completely safe and physically sound manner) when she coaches me tomorrow.

I'm hoping that by passing this recipe along, it will lessen the vigorousness of my impending routine.


2 pounds of Ground Turkey Meat!


Grab About a Half Cup of your favorite pickles and dice them up nice and small.


Chef Tip- Excellent chance to work on those knife skills so try to cut them all the same size, preferably a centimeter size dye works for me.


1 Good sized shallot, That would be about the size of a golf ball 🙂 same small dice


3 tablespoons of a yummy gourmet mustard. (OrganicVille Dijon Mustard is my favorite)


Few twist of cracked pepper and Celtic Sea Salt

And here's how to make them!

Procedure #1
Preheat oven to 375-400

Take your diced shallots and pickles and cook them down in a saute pan with moderate heat for about 5-7 minutes.

Chef tip- Throw a little water(Teaspoons Guys!) in the pan once you’ve cooked those shallots down to get all the goodness that would of been left in the pan, back where it belongs in your meatballs!

Once the shallots have been caramelized, add them to the Turkey and the Mustard and fold in until properly distributed.

Once mixed, use a scale or a portion scoop a.k.a ice cream scoop(Chefs Tip- Stores will usually sell them in the baking aisle and a lot of them are designed for 2 oz-3 oz etc, portions sizes!)

Spray a decent sized baking tray with some coconut oil or a piece of parchment paper!(Parchment paper is a wonderful way to save yourself time with those dishes)

Place meatballs on the sheet about an inch apart from each other.

Take a head of Broccoli and a head of Cauliflower. There are the florets and the stem, some people discard the broccoli stem but I’m telling you right now, that’s not necessary, but to each his own! I like to separate the florets for the stem and then cut the stem is to quarter inch slices and cook them alongside with the florets. Cauliflower is different. I cut that directly in half starting with the base. Once half, I’ll cut the florets from each side.

After you’ve got all your florets, toss in a mixing bowl with your favorite seasonings! Cumin, coriander, lime or lemon zest, grab some fresh herbs chop them up real fine and add those! Whatever you want, experiment! Cayenne and cinnamon, whatever floats your boat, as long as it’s a good a healthy choice I leave it to you.

Evenly distribute your seasoned veggies on the same pan with your meatballs, make sure not to overcrowd the sheet tray as this will steam your veggies and you’ll miss out on the delicious crunch that a good oven roast will give you.

After that we’re ready to throw that in the oven and cook for anywhere between 15-25 minutes!
I like to wait for the char to show on my veggies, so a quick look in the oven as the cooking process unfolds will give you your exact time.

Once finished, eat on the spot for a four person family meal or cool it down and portion to your liking!

Hopefully, Hannah will be cool with my outright plagiarism of her recipe and not make me do a tablespoon of tabletops and a dash of ... well, just a dash itself would be punishment enough.

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