Julian Edelman released another peculiar 'Smoothie Tyme' video with special guests Shane Vareen, and Ryan Allen. Frankly, a must watch before the Super Bowl.

These videos are like a combination of Old Spice commercials and something you'd see on Adult Swim at 1:00 a.m. Bizzare, and yet laugh out loud funny.

His first 'Smoothie Tyme' video was a solo job, and then he worked guests into his shtick with Chandler Jones joining him on 'Burger Tyme.'

It's a head scratcher at times, and then it comes out with some excellent moments of pure laughter.

Like this scene:

julian edelman smoothie tyme promotional kiss
*Promotional Kiss Not Included

Or at the :42 mark when he rips on Brady for not joining him in these videos because he quote "doesn't have time for my little videos" which you KNOW is exactly what TB12 says.

Kudos to Shane Vareen for loosening up and being the Abbott to his Costello. And Ryan Allen; well let's just say it's good that a punter knows his role and can make fun of himself.

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