This is 4-year-old Levi. He is from Gorham, Maine. Levi had a brain tumor removed in October, after being flown to Boston by helicopter for an emergency surgery. His mother describes him as a bright and thoughtful little boy who is a wonderful big brother with a vibrant personality that brings out the best in everyone.

Levi's parents need help with his continued medical care. Monetary donations would be most welcome… Even if you can only donate a little, it still helps. Please donate through Levi's GoFundMe page.

You can also help by purchasing the t-shirt shown below. The next t-shirt order will be placed on December 7th. Proceeds from the shirt sales and your donations will help pay for the ongoing recovery needs for Levi's post-brain tumor and VP Shunt surgeries.

(Photo Credit: Danielle Shaw/Used With Permission)
(Photo Credit: Danielle Shaw/Used With Permission)

Here's the latest update from Levi's mom:

"We were discharged on Saturday, November 10th and arrived home around 5:30 p.m. So many emotions, so many feelings, but mostly… Wow, it's dark outside! When you arrive home after a month in the hospital, a lot changes like the time, the daylight and you find flip flops on the stairs because when you left home, it was still in the mid 70's. Of course as I write this, I'm watching snow fall outside. Very confusing but honestly we have embraced the missed fall season and jumped right into holiday mode. We could all use some Christmas cheer after everything!

So Levi is doing well at home: He is walking more and more and requiring less assistance, and only occasionally holds onto something when he's walking. His balance is improving and he's gaining muscle strength back in getting down onto the floor to play and standing up again. All his incisions look great and are healing well."

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