There has to be a reasonable explanation for taking a loaded gun in your carry on luggage through TSA at Manchester Boston Regional, right? I must admit, I have no idea what that could be.

TSA Displays Contraband AT JFK Airport In New York
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This update from WMUR-TV had me in disbelief for a moment, especially when the phrase 'including one chambered' was uttered.

And did you see that thing?

The .22 caliber gun looks nothing like the Winchester we had on the farm for popping woodchucks.

It looks like something Schwarzenegger used to fight back hoards of evil doers on the set of Commando or True Lies.

And loaded.

Since 2001, I've been so paranoid about increased TSA travel restriction laws that I actually limit the amount of Gulden's mustard that I put on my carry on ham sandwich.

The last thing I want to do is be detained because I have 3.4 ounces of spicy brown goodness on my mid flight snack.

This loaded gun was one of two separate carry on incidents that happened within a week. The other gun was a .380 (!) with it's nearby magazine.

The all time annual record for guns discovered in carry on luggage by the Manchester Boston Regional Airport TSA is four. It happened in 2018.

The number of guns discovered this year? Four.

With fines of $4,100 through $13,700 for mixing 'open carry' with a closed carry on, I have to hope that this record remains tied for a few more months.

But with two of these occurrences happening within a couple days of each other, you never can tell.

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