My son and my step-son have some differences, but one thing that they have in common is being interested in the stock market.  This is so surprising to me on so many levels.  When I was in my teens and 20's, I was just looking to survive from paycheck to paycheck.

The generation that my son and step-son are part of is looking beyond just paying rent.  I hate to make generalizations, but it's not a bad thing to say that our kids are looking for much more than just wondering how they are going to pay the rent, electric bill AND buy food.  I really don't know how it happened.  Maybe I could contact Malcom Gladwell so he could find out what the Tipping Point was.  Whatever it was, here we are.  Both of them don't want to go about gaining their wealth by working their fingers to the bone then discovering they don't have enough money to retire, so they have to keep working until they die.  Maybe there's something to that.

I've been looking at some investing beyond my 401K, so I've compiled a list of stocks that may be interesting to invest in.  All of these, you can buy one share for under $100.

3 Cool Stocks to Buy Under $100


I can see how stock brokers get addicted to it.  It's like forecasting the future and if you're right, you get extremely RICH!  How fun is that?  There are many drawbacks to playing the market though and they one that always discouraged me is, "never invest money that you can't afford to lose."

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