If you didn't hear about it yet, there's a story going around about how amateur investors drove up the price of GameStop, AMC and other stocks and they edged out big hedge fund, professional investors. I'm not sure about the details of how they did that, but it's the biggest story of the week and by far, my favorite.

According to a story in Axios.com which explains how it happened in a recent article:

Money isn't real, the thinking goes. Wall Street has always known that, and now regular people are seeing it too.

Money isn't real.  The more I think about those three words, the more I like them.  If you lived your life without thinking, "how much money will it cost" think about what you could do?  Younger people are thinking this way all the time.

We, as the parents of these younger adults, may see this as entitlement, but what if we really HAVE done an amazing job raising our kids and now they are really going after the life that they want to live?  What a beautiful thought!  Instead of thinking, "why isn't my son or daughter like me...." why not think, "my son or daughter is going to live a beautiful life without the heavy, heavy weight of worrying about money, how much they have and how much they will make."  Isn't this a possibility?  Don't we want this for them?  We. Raised. Geniuses.

I can't even pretend to know anything about stocks, but what I do know is that if you invest in the stock market, you have to consider that money GONE.  You can't invest money that you rely on.  I've never put a considerably large chunk of change in the market, but if I did, I would think of it as buying a piece of jewelry.  I can't use that money to pay my mortgage or buy food, however, I can hope that it increases in value.

Good luck and great gains to you, amateur investors!!  May you rule the world you want to live in!

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