Risking life, limb and litigation, I'm going against contractual obligations to bring you a Lost 45's Labor Day Top 100 Spoiler. It's difficult to type this while crossing one's fingers.

Stumblin' In - Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro

If you're a hardcore 'Happy Days' fan, you'll probably recognize Suzi Quatro as her character 'Leather Tuscadero'.

This duet was released by Rak Records in early 1979 and made it all the way to Number 4 on the American Billboard charts that year.

It's always remains a mystery to me why Suzi Quatro's career never took off. A fantastic voice matched with a Number One TV show? I'd think that anything she touched would have turned gold. Alas, this has been her only hit.

I did manage to solve one mystery for you though, Dear Reader, as I can tell you that this catchy duet is Number 67 on this year's Labor day Top 100 Countdown.

Hopefully, I won't be receiving a 'Cease And Desist' for doing so, but, that's the kind of risk I'm taking when 'Spoiling' these 'Records You Never Thought You'd Hear on The Radio Again'.

Songs 75 through 39 will be revealed Sunday night ONLY on 102-1 and 105-3 The Shark!


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