For many New Englanders, each and every summer brings a trip to Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire. It's a chance for families to come together, see some entertainment, hop on some of their favorite rides, eat some of their favorite foods, and of course, get a chance to say hello to Santa himself.

Jerry Monkman (Facebook via Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH)
Jerry Monkman (Facebook via Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH)

Santa's Village has been mixing things up in recent years by adding some special events during their summer season. That includes the epic FEASTival event, an all-you-can-eat extravaganza where hungry parkgoers can discover their new favorite park foods and savor the ones they already love.

Facebook via Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH
Facebook via Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH

If you plan on feasting, you'll need a special admission ticket which are limited. The perks include fountain drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, milk, and juice boxes. Not only that, entrees and desserts from these park restaurants are included.

    • Burger Meister Food Court
    • Nick's Pizza Emporium
    • Dashers Delights
    • Merry Mess Hall
    • Sugar n' Spice Bakery
    • Frosty's Freezer
    • Mini-Doe Nut Factory
    • Nutcracker Sweets
    • Polar Expresso
    • Fruit Loop's Farm Stand
    • Jingle Bell Concessions

If you're curious about any restrictions during the FEASTival event, here's what Santa's Village had to say:

"During our FEASTival event dates, food and beverage is included with admission and unlimited.  We just ask that you be respectful to our staff and other guys by only taking the items that you require for your party.  For example, if you have a party of four, perhaps only take four cookies the first time through.  Then, you can go back for seconds (or thirds!) later. Items in our Jolly Lolly Candy Store are excluded"

(Facebook via Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH)
(Facebook via Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH)

There are four remaining FEASTival dates in June.

      • Saturday, June 10
      • Sunday, June 11
      • Saturday, June 17
      • Sunday, June 18

If you miss out this spring, there will be three fall FEASTival dates available as well.

      • Sunday, September 10
      • Sunday, September 17
      • Sunday, September 24

Ticket information and additional details about the FEASTival events at Santa's Village can be found here.

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