"Sailing takes me away to where I'm going," so says the Christopher Cross tune. I love to sail, and if I had the time, I'd be ALL OVER this:

According to an article from Seacoast Online, The Gundalow Company out of Portsmouth is seeking volunteers for the upcoming sailing season. There are many things that need to be done to get ready for the water so they need all the help they can get. You might be worried that you don't know anything about sailing, but that shouldn't stop you. They will train you!

You will also be part of a Community of Volunteers and if you are looking to become more social, this might be perfect. You also get two free sail passes to use with a friend and you get an invite to the End of Year Celebration!

I can't think of anything better than to be on the water, so I may just volunteer myself!

The Gundalow Company website also says, you will be joining over 140 community members who are helping protect the marine environment and maritime heritage of the Piscataqua Region. The program needs a lot of people. As it is now, they have over 2,000 students and over 6,000 members of the public.

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