The world is changing quickly.  That's probably the understatement of the year.  Technology especially is coming at us at hyper-speed.  Just yesterday, I saw an article that said some platform is going to accept bitcoin as payment for the stuff they are selling.  (Sounds like someone is going after Amazon.)  These times can be confusing, so the East Bridgewater Mass Police have given us some information about some common scams targeted to people, especially older people.

East Bridgewater PD warns against social security scams, first and foremost.  Someone will call trying to get your social security number or money.  Do not give out either.  If the Social Security Administration or IRS is looking for you, be assured they already have your number.

EBPD also warns that scammers will email you or send you text messages to try to trick you in to giving out money or personal information.  They will also pose as the utility companies saying that you owe money and demand payment through electronic money order or pre-paid debit card.  BPD states that no legit vendor will ever demand money like this.

The list of how scammers are trying to get your money just goes on and on and on.  I was just reading an article from the Federal Trade Commission warning of scams stemming from our social media accounts.

The East Bridgewater PD gives a few tips on how to protect yourself and your money such as, don't take calls from unknown numbers, even if it looks local.  It might not be coming from a local person or place.  If you DO pick up a call and whoever is on the other end claims to be from a particular place and you are doubtful, hang up and contact whoever they were claiming to be calling from.

What a vile thing to do.  Trying to take people's money is so offensive and dirty.  Be aware of these dirt bags trying to get what you've worked hard to get yourself.

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