There's an old cliche in Maine that goes something like, "don't blink because the weather in Maine could change before you open your eyes again". Well, this weekend won't be quite that drastic but it has potential to be one of the most bizarre weekends of weather that Vacationland has seen in quite some time.

First comes the heat wave. All of New England is going to see some very rare heat on Saturday. For most it'll be under cloud cover, but temps across central and southern Maine should be in the 50's, and portions of New Hampshire and Massachusetts are likely going to be in the 60's. Absolutely crazy for January. But, that mini-heat wave won't last long because overnight Saturday into Sunday comes something much different.

Sunday will be the battle of the air masses. The arctic air versus the southern warmth and that clash of the titans may result in Mainers least favorite result, ice. We're a little over 20 years removed from the ice storm of '98 and while this storm has potential to cause some issues for large portions of Maine, it isn't likely to be anything like '98, which is great news.

There's also the possibility that the warm air wins this major clash. If it does, freezing rain and sleet will be the precipitation of choice on Sunday. As ugly as that sounds, it still would be welcomed over a layer of ice. So enjoy your rare Saturday warmth and be prepared for Sunday.

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