In a story that almost feels like it could be a headline from The Onion, the Maine Forest Rangers shared a piece of an incident report on Twitter that you'll need to read multiple times in order to believe it.

Without giving the exact location in Maine where this happened, the picture painted is a pretty ridiculous one. Somehow, a gentleman atop a riding lawn mower falls off of that lawn mower. We're not sure if this is a common occurrence or not, but seems unlikely. Perhaps the fact that he was smoking a joint while riding the mower had something to do with it but we can't say for certain it had any effect. When said gentleman hits the ground, that joint he was smoking goes flying. Gentleman can't find the joint and chalks it up to lost weed. Bad day, right?

Riding Lawn Equipment with operator for periodically garden upkeep

Well, that lost weed turns out to be an issue. Because after said gentleman walks back to his house, he turns around and realizes his lawn is on fire. He contacts the Maine Forest Rangers and well the incident is all said and done, two acres of the gentleman's property is singed. Again, not a story from The Onion. All real, and totally Maine.

It doesn't appear from the incident report that anyone was injured nor any valuables lost in the fire. Perhaps a bruise to the ego and maybe a seatbelt addition to the lawn mower is in store for the unnamed gentleman. Things you just can't make up.

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