Maine mother and business owner, Ilma Lopez, vented her anger and frustration on social media after seeing a bunch of partiers not wearing masks around the restaurants on Wharf Street in the Old Port. Her Instagram picture (below) begs people to put one on to protect her children, parents, her team of workers, guests, and the city of Portland.

Her picture and story was covered by News Center Maine, after it went viral. The report says Lopez's picture and other complaints from residents have prompted City of Portland officials to take action. City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau issued a press release via News Center Maine that they will enforce the state's reopening plan, and businesses will face penalties if they don't follow the rules. Otherwise, outdoor dining will no longer be an option

Just in case the Instagram post gets deleted, here's what Lopez wrote:

Please as a mom, as a wife of someone that suffers from allergies and has a hard time breathing as a immigrant and daughter from immigrants parents whom the system won’t protect if we get sick, as a business owner that has been closed for 3 months and 2 weeks and figuring how to keep their team, guest and city safe… please wear a mask, please practice social distance. I am happy to see you are out and supporting local businesses, thank you for that. Just be mindful that we would like to stay open and we want to be here for you, * keep yourselves and others safe * be kind, be respectful. Felt ❤️with Portland Maine 9 years ago, we know better, we can do better, we deserve better. Let’s keep our state that has given us so much safe… let’s be the change we want to see in others.

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