The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens looks like an amazing place for a day trip, if not solely for the ginormous troll sculptures made of wood! It is called the 'Guardian of the Seeds' exhibit, and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

According to, these trolls are created entirely from recycled wood materials by a Danish artist named Thomas Dambo. Each troll represents a different part of the tree, and tells an important story about why each part is important to the whole forest.

For example, this is Rovska, and she represents the trunk of the tree! The site states that every year she grows taller and wider! She has an excellent memory and keeps track of the seasons and what’s happening around her in the forest.

The troll hunt experience does involve some hiking. All five trolls are hidden deep in the woods, and you might not see all of them in one visit. The site explains that some of the trolls require lots of walking to get to, so if you plan to visit with young children, you’ll want to plan accordingly. You can get up close and personal with these fun and friendly trolls and even take pictures with them! However, climbing on the trolls and using them as a jungle gym is prohibited.

"Maine Days" welcomes Maine residents to visit at no cost, and in years past it has been held over Memorial Day weekend. This year's "Maine Days" will be held the weekend of June 2-4. According to News Center Maine, tickets became available on Tuesday, May 9, and by the next day, they were sold out.

If you are one of the lucky ones who snagged your tickets, great work! If not, we will keep you in the loop if any last minute tickets become available.

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