Beaches are the perfect summer afternoon getaway or vacation spot, and great places to go on fall and even winter strolls. Who doesn't love to lounge in paradise with friends playing frisbee, or go for a walk on a chilly day with hot cocoa while listening to the waves?

While we have incredible beaches in New England and across the country, according to The Travel, half of America's beaches have unsafe pollution levels.  So, here we go with the dirtiest beach in New England that made a top 14 list, according to The Travel.

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Coming in at #3 is Goodies Beach in Knox County, Maine, in the town of Rockport. Goodies Beach passes tests regarding water quality 60% of the time. However, according to The Travel, there have been issues in the last 15 years with contaminated water, which is why it makes this unfortunate list.

Now, it's not some huge beach with hundreds of people. It's instead part of the town’s Marine Park with a small, sandy spot where families enjoy summer fun near the water, so making this list doesn't affect too many people.  It's actually referred to as a pocket beach, according to The Swim Guide.   According to The Travel, it's been improving over the years, but still makes the dirtiest beaches in America list for now.

The Travel recommends checking whether there are any advisories about the water quality before jumping in, because sometimes, it's just fine.  This goes for all beaches, especially since various beaches throughout New England have annual bouts with unsafe bacteria levels.  Click here to see the 14 beaches that made this list.

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