As you know, Patriots fans are anxiously awaiting any news regarding restricted free agent and Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler's future with the team. Well, check out this post on Instagram, it's a head scratcher, but let's see if we can break it down!

Malcolm Butler posted this on Instagram yesterday, and Pats fans have been going nuts trying to figure out what the message means.

Here is the post:

'Nothing changed but the change.' #BLESSED is the message. The first thing that popped in my head is that he's staying in New England and the only change is more money and he feels blessed.

In fact, that's the only thing that popped in my head, what else could it mean?

So, after contemplating this riddle a little more, maybe he's saying that he hasn't changed, he's still the same person he was when he was working at a fast food restaurant but he has more money now.

This is a lyric from a rap song called 'Could It Be,' by Nick Lyon. I haven't heard the song, and I'm not going to analyze it to see if there is some sort of hidden message here, I'm just hoping that my initial thought is right and he has signed with the Pats for more money.

The message doesn't seem to refer to a change of teams, so I don't think he's leaving even though he's on a plane in the picture.

Bottom line: He's a 27-year-old guy having some fun with social media, so stay tuned, we'll see what happens next!


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