The Manchester Airport is losing a trip to Newark, NJ in the coming months, According to a story in the Union Leader.

The story says that United Airlines will eliminate three daily flights to Newark, N.J., and add three flights to Washington’s Dulles International Airport, starting March 31, to make connections easier.

Despite this little blip in the radar (airplane jokes), the Manchester airport is one of the easiest in the entire country.  I've not traveled as much as I would like to, however, when I do, I always look for flights going out of MHT.  It is small enough to know exactly where you are going and if you are picking up someone, there is only one place to go for parking or, if you time it properly, you can just pull up, throw them in the car and off you go.  Easy peasy.

The Manchester airport also has a humungo Moose inside.  The Moose is the background for many photos on social media.  People coming in to our fine state that have no idea that I've never seen a Moose in person and I've lived here my whole life.

.... the Manchester airport has been losing passengers since its peak in 2005 when it served 4.33 million fliers. Last year, the state’s largest airport served fewer than 2 million.

I will do my part to fly out of MHT whenever possible and I hope you do too!  The Moose needs us.

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