When Martha Stewart eats your food, you have just gotten THE seal of approval.

Martha Stewart was in the mood for baked goods and Portland is home to some of the best bakeries in the country! She stopped at Standard Baking Co on Commercial Street for coffee and breads, then off to Norimoto Bakery on Stevens Avenue.

She snapped some pictures of her time at Norimoto Bakery, and that includes a picture of her and Atsuko Fujimoto next to trays and trays of deliciousness.

Martha Stewart/Instagram
Martha Stewart/Instagram

Standard Baking Co. is well, for lack of a better term, the standard for bakeries in Portland. But Norimoto Bakery is led by Fujimoto who was a finalist this year in the Outstanding Baker category at the James Beard Awards.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Norimoto Bakery’s Instagram account commented on the post:

I am still in shock! Very honored to meet with such a legend and a role model like you, Martha! Thank you so very much for your visit.

She also grabbed a smoothie at Rwanda Bean Coffee’s Deering Center location. This was over this past weekend. If I had seen Martha Stewart in town I'm pretty sure I would have lost my cool. Love her or love to hate her, she is iconic and has been for decades. When she comes to visit your restaurant and tries your food or drink, and then talks about how great it is - is there a greater compliment? I know that Martha has called Maine her part-time home...come on Martha, make us your full-time home!


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