It's common practice now to be on alert with all emails, websites, links, and text messages that come from companies and business. However, when it's something that feels all too familiar, it's easy to let your guard down. But don't.

It seems that emails from streaming giants appear all the time in my inbox, saying how my subscription expired or how I can activate a free month. It's frustrating, but a way of life now. And this latest scam is so big that the Better Business Bureau out of Boston is issuing a warning for all of New England.

According to a media release from the BBB, be careful when activating an account from Netflix, Disney+, PBS Passport, or Hulu. If you already have these, then clearly you'll know a scammer is trying to lure you into unknowingly giving them your personal information and data. However, if you've recently signed up, this scam may feel like the real deal.


You're ready to activate your latest renewal or brand-new Netflix, Disney+, PBS Passport, or Hulu account. Or maybe you even think you missed a payment and are just reactivating it.

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The email will have links to one of those streaming services listed above, and clicking the link takes you to the "official" website of Hulu, for example. Notice how I used quotes around the word "official"? That's because if this is a scam, it's a lookalike website that the scammer set up to trick you into downloading malware.

These fake sites have the official logo and branding as well. However, there's always something just a little off, so ALWAYS look closely, especially if you really are starting one of these services.

If you click any button the scammers may be using (like 'update' or 'activate' or 'download'), you'll end up with a virus that gives these con artists access to your personal information. Obviously, close the page immediately if you start to feel suspicious.

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