Normally, when we hear about a high-speed police chase, it ends with the fleeing vehicle running over spike strips, running out of gas, or crashing. Normally, but not always.

That's not how a police chase in Worcester, Massachusetts, ended last Tuesday morning.

According to, a two-hour-long police chase ended when a woman identified as Johanna Gardell, of Worcester, pulled into a McDonald's drive-thru to get an order of Chicken McNuggets.

A call came into the police just before 9 AM on Tuesday (July 6th) to report the theft of a company vehicle, a Facebook post from the Worcester Police Department stated.

There was security camera footage of the reported theft, the article stated.


Fortunately, the vehicle had a GPS device, according to the police Facebook post, and this made it easier for police to follow her throughout the area over the next few hours.

As police pursued, she was allegedly seen running red lights.

Eventually, she pulled into a McDonald's on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, the police said in the Facebook post. She was ordering McNuggets when police finally caught up with her, according to, and when she attempted to escape, she got stuck.

She has been charged with 15 crimes including Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Personal Injury, and Resisting Arrest.

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