Teenagers are doing amazing things during this pandemic.  We've heard about them since day one.  Youth brings new ideas and out of box thinking.  That's exactly what happened when two teenagers from Maryland got a great idea to help Seniors called, "Teens Helping Seniors."

I first heard of Dhruv Pai, 16 and Matt Casertano, 15, from a report in MSN.com.  They were buying groceries for their Grandparents when they realized there must be others like their own grandparents who need help and might not need younger relatives to help out.  That's when the organization was born.

According to their website, teenshelpingseniors.org, they have 13 chapters, one right in Newton, Massachusetts.  They have step by step instructions on what to do if you are a Senior who needs help or a teen who wants to volunteer, just click here. 

New Hampshire and Maine do not have a chapter yet, but if you'd like to contribute or start a chapter, just get in touch with them.  They are adding more chapters nationwide all the time.  Reach out at teenshelpingseniors@gmail.com.

This is the part of the pandemic that will survive long after there is a vaccine for the virus.  Long after we have enough toilet paper to go around.  Long after we have put our masks away, there will be people who are willing and able to help.  Maybe this is the birth of the most helpful generation.  Certainly, this is a time to reflect and look around to see who needs YOU.  Who needs YOUR help?

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