If this house sells at this price, I'm gonna put mine on the market for 5 million dollars.  This house in Newton, Mass is 251 square feet and is on the market for $449,900.  Two hundred and fifty-one square feet.

Photo Credit: Hans Brings Real Estate

It's all about location and Newton, Mass is a hot zip to say the least.  If this place is the most convenient for your life, then maybe the pricetag is worth it.

Here's the description, according to the listing at Hans Brings Real Estate:

One of a Kind! Adorable Tiny Studio Home in Newton Highlands Locale Featuring Completely Open Living Space, New 2021 Kitchenette with Granite Countertop, Completely Renovated Bathroom, New LVT Flooring, Skylit Sleeping Loft with Knee-High Ceiling, Ready to Finish Basement, All New Lighting and Electrical Upgrades, New HVAC Mini-Split, Easy Maintenance Yard, and More. Commuter's Dream Convenient to Route 128, Public Transportation, Parks, Shopping and Kayak Launch. Great Condo Alternative Ideal for Casual Stays, Guest Home, Meditation, Exercise Room, Storage, or Whatever You Desire. Residential and Business Options. A TRULY UNIQUE HOME!

True enough, it is a unique home and it might be perfect for someone or even a couple who want to be really, really close all the time.  You couldn't really cook in this house.  Not enough ... anything.  Counter space, cupboard space, a place for pots and pans, etc., just not enough.

Photo Credit: Hans Brings Real Estate

The place has been all re-done with new everything, so that's nice.

Photo Credit: Hans Brings Real Estate

Have you ever been in one of those bathrooms where your knees touch the wall in front of you?  I wonder if it's like that in this bathroom?

Photo Credit: Hans Brings Real Estate

The loft bedroom looks really nice.  Big, in fact, but could you stand up in all corners of the room?  It doesn't look like it.

Photo Credit: Hans Brings Real Estate

The backyard looks nice.  For Newton, that's not bad at all.  You could live there by yourself and have a small dog, I suppose.  Nice!

Photo Credit: Hans Brings Real Estate

The bulkhead means that there is a basement for storage.  Thank goodness for that!  Where would you put your Christmas decorations, winter coats, etc., etc?

I could see if this place is on the ocean, then yes, that justifys the price tag for me.  The way it is now, however, this property is waiting for another owner other than me.

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