Salute to Ulysses Charlap of Merrimack NH! I've watched this WMUR-TV Chronicle piece on his artwork three times now and I always tear up. Such a great idea!

A stack of colorful crayons on a white background

His next door neighbor, 'Miss Jeanne' was in the same predicament that we all were in for pretty much the last 12 months, cooped up for a long time with a limited amount of entertainment.

Ulysses loves to make artwork and developed an amazing contact free daily art delivery system. There is a transparent sleeve on the window of Miss Jeanne's house and everyday he would deposit a new drawing for her to look at.

What an amazing idea!

The subject matter spanned from pepperoni pizza, all the way into outer space, two of my very favorite things.

I love how Ulysses asks his Mother why she's crying? 'Because it's nice!' And that is the genuine truth

Another reason I tear up is because it makes me think of my nephew Colin who draws pictures like these for my Nana. Our family only sanitized the construction paper the best we could, the transparent sleeve affixed with tape never crossed our collective minds.

Now that Nana is 22 days away from her 2nd Vaccination shot, this idea is kind of late in the game, but one that I'll still suggest we try.

Who would have thought that looking back over the past year would bring about such great feelings? I thought for sure I'd just pretend that 2020 never happened.

Ulysses proved me wrong!


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