My granddaughter turns 4 years old this year on May 5. She's been an avid fan of Scooby-Doo for months now. So I figure since watching that doesn't seem to be giving her any nightmares, she'd probably be fine with dinosaur mini-golf.

I've been wanting to bring her to Raptor Falls in Arundel since they opened. But it probably would have been to scary for her at 2 or 3 and then there's the friggin' pandemic. It just hasn't worked out yet. Until now.

With the excellent news that they are reopening on May 1, maybe we can finally make it happen.  I think she would absolutely love it. She did really well taggin' along out on the disc golf course last summer.

Perhaps we can get a putter that's just her size and go hit a few while the prehistoric beasts roar at us. I'm thinking that won't help our game much. However, think how cool it would be to play next to a giant, noisy, dinosaur that moves and still manage to get a hole-in-one. Even better, what if my granddaughter does that?

Check out the size of this place.

Raptor Falls via Facebook
Raptor Falls via Facebook

Don't worry though. I won't be a bad Grampa and just sneak out for a round. I'll be sure to make sure it's okay with Mom and Dad first. Or will I? Moo ha ha ha.

Here's the official May 1 reopening announcement from Raptor Falls Facebook Page.

They will be open from 10am to 9pm that day. Their future hours for the 2021 season are coming soon. Check back on their website and Facebook page.

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